Neighbourwoods© Stewardship Plan

We are working with Dr. Andy Kenney to develop a Neighbourwoods© Stewardship Plan (NSP) process and template.  The NSP provides the means for a community to develop a strategic vision and plan for managing its urban forest in a manner that supports the goals of the neighbourhood and aligns with Ottawa’s Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP).

An NSP is a long-term (~20 years) plan that identifies the current state (baseline) of a neighbourhood’s urban forest and the tasks required to move it from this state towards one consistent with the goals of the neighbourhood and the municipality’s UFMP.  A standard set of Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Neighbourhood Urban Forestsis used to establish the baseline, to help define the neighbourhood’s priorities, and to set measureable goals.

While Ottawa’s UFMP is comprehensive and includes some goals for tree stewardship on non-publicly owned land, the municipality has little jurisdiction over private property, which makes up the majority of the urban forest.  It needs to leverage community resources to provide stewardship for the whole, integrated urban forest, both public and private.

The foundation of the NSP is the Neighbourwoods© Tree Inventory, which provides a protocol for collecting and analyzing data on neighbourhood trees.  Drs. Danijela Puric-Mladenovic and Andy Kenney of the Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto developed this process to enable Neighbourwoods Stewardship Groups to carry out a community-based inventory and to derive meaningful information from the inventory that informs stewardship activities.

Two neighbourhoods in Ottawa are currently conducting tree inventories:  Champlain Park and Beaverbrook.

We are sharing our draft documents with stakeholders for feedback and plan for a broader rollout when the City of Ottawa convenes its UFMP external stakeholder’s group.

Tiffany Crescent in Beavebrook. (Photo from Google Streetview.)