Morgan’s Grant Restoration Project 2017

In fall 2017 Carleton University students from the Group Research in Environmental Science Project course built on work done by students in 2016 to assess community options for the hydro corridor in Morgan’s Grant in Kanata North.

This project assessed the clearing and reseeding done by Hydro One in the summer of 2017 in order to provide insights as to what might be done to:

  • enhance the biodiversity richness of the initial restoration carried out by Hydro One,
  • engage the local community in the conservation stewardship of the corridor in support of Hydro One’s responsibilities, and
  • suggest approaches to cooperation between Hydro One, the City and the local community such that Morgan’s Grant could become a model or template for future restorative activities on City owned properties

Broader objectives of this project included creating a model or template for cooperative community action and establishing a multi-year strategy for Carleton student engagement in the study, monitoring and leadership of an important urban green space initiative.  A third project in the series has been defined for 2018.