Morgan’s Grant Hydro Corridor Revitalization

Morgan's Grant hydro corridor is prepared for seeding.
Hydro One prepares the corridor for seeding with wild flowers.

Since 2016 the Ottawa Stewardship Council has been working with Hydro One, the Briarbrook and Morgan’s Grant Community Association (BMGCA), and the City of Ottawa to transform the neighbourhood hydro corridor into multi-use community green space. The new pollinator meadow, seeded with deep-rooted native grasses and wildflowers, is an example of a nature-based climate solution. It absorbs precipitation thereby reducing stormwater runoff volume.

In 2017 Hydro One cleared part of the corridor and seeded it with rye grass and wildflowers.  The following year the corridor was filled with blooms.  Hydro One also installed a bee hotel and donated funds to BMGCA for use in the corridor.

We are providing technical and planning advice to the Community Association, and helping them communicate the information essential for building an informed community.  We are also working with all three groups to ensure the successful eradication of Wild Parsnip and other noxious weeds as part of a multi-year plan to restore the corridor. The City has agreed to take the lead in cleaning out the weeds and to train and equip community volunteers to assist in the work.

Morgan's Grant Hydro Corridor.
Morgan’s Grant hydro corridor one year after seeding.

The corridor has been transformed from a weedy, overgrown, and unused space to one that is well-groomed and provides a living display of native pollinator species.  With support from a landscape architect, we will help the BMGCA and the City as they plan what the community wants from its new, livable, sustainable green space.  We are working to extend this cooperative model to other hydro corridors throughout the city, working in a collaboration with the City, community associations and Hydro One.

Project Updates – 2016 to 2022
Co-op students installed new bee hotels in the Morgan's Grant hydro corridor.
Co-0p students installed new bee hotels in the Morgan’s Grant hydro corridor.

In Summer 2022, Algonquin College Biotechnology co-op students expanded their stewardship work to include nearby Trillium Woods in Kanata North. They conducted soil sampling, water testing, and biodiversity surveys in both the Morgan’s Grant corridor and Trillium Woods. They also installed a bat box and more bee hotels in the corridor. The hotels were a new OSC design that allows for easier cleaning.

Read the detailed Final Report for 2022 by students Sierra and Chhaya.

The Morgan's Grant hydro corridor pollinator meadow in Summer 2022.
The Morgan’s Grant hydro corridor pollinator meadow in Summer 2022.

Read the summer student’s Final Report for 2021. The student reported on the success of new bee hotels and bumblebee houses, installation of a bat house, results from four wildflower garden test plots, and stewardship issues from encroachment.

Ottawa Stewardship Council bee hotel in a hydro corridor in Kanata.
OSC bee hotel in the Morgan’s Grant hydro corridor, installed in 2021.

February 2021 – Watch a Canadian Wildlife Federation webinar about the work done in the corridor.

Work done in Summer of 2020:

Carleton University Projects – Environmental Science students conducted three projects on the corridor in 2016 through 2018.

Morgan’s Grant Project Posts – various updates about the project.

Hydro One and BMGCA in front of bee hotel.
Hydro One and BMGCA in front of bee hotel donated by Hydro One.
Bee hotel at the Morgan's Grant hydro corridor in Kanata.
Bee hotel at the Morgan’s Grant hydro corridor in Kanata.