Hydro Corridor Stewardship

Hydro corridors are under-utilized greenspace. There are approximately 275 kms of these corridors in the City of Ottawa, usually filled with overgrown scrub that Hydro One must regularly maintain by clear cutting. With a different approach, the corridors could become inviting community greenspace, improved habitat, and effective green infrastructure.

OSC has been exploring avenues of cooperation with Hydro One to effect greater community input and stewardship during and following hydro corridor maintenance. Hydro One has sought the advice of OSC over the past three years on how to develop effective stewardship initiatives in other communities based on the success in Morgan’s Grant.

The goal is to develop a model for building community involvement and interest in stewardship of hydro corridors owned by the City or Hydro One. The benefit to Hydro One is use of ecologically sustainable maintenance practices and a reduction in maintenance costs. The benefit to the community is useable greenspace with native plants that support wildlife and pollinators. The benefit to the City of Ottawa is the enhancement of green infrastructure to address climate change extremes.

Hydro corridor stewardship supports the new Official Plan and the soon-to-be-updated Urban Forest and Greenspace Management Plan.

Hydro One and BMGCA in front of bee hotel.
Hydro One and BMGCA at one of the bee hotels.
Bee Hotel at Pinhey Dune Hydro Corridor
Bee hotel at Pinhey Dunes.