OSC welcomes KN Regeneration Stewards

The Ottawa Stewardship Council’s (OSC) work in the Morgan’s Grant hydro corridor in Kanata North has received a boost.

The Kanata North Regeneration Stewards (KNRegens) have joined OSC to create native wildflower meadow habitat throughout the Morgan’s Grant corridor.  A grassroots environmental group founded in 2023, KNRegens is led by Lyndee Wolf, who began by adding a new pollinator garden along the pathway in the corridor last summer.

Wolf was struck by how many people stopped to talk about the garden.  For some it reminded them of community plots in their home countries.  Young people felt it gave them a sense of hope.  She was inspired by the feedback.  “I envision the KNRegens project as a  team of multiethnic, multiracial, intergenerational, and neurodiverse volunteers from the community,” says Wolf.  “They will bridge connections that improve our community’s social and ecological well-being through community-led stewardship.”

Wolf needed help to expand the KNRegens concept and to work with the City of Ottawa, who owns the corridor land.  Hydro One has a right-of-way easement in the corridor for its transmission lines.  She reached out to OSC, who helped initiate and carry out greenspace revitalization by the community in the weedy corridor.

Wildflower meadow and bee hotel in restored meadow area of the Morgan's Grant corridor.
Wildflower meadow and bee hotel in restored meadow area of the Morgan’s Grant corridor.

“Supporting KNRegens is the next logical step in the evolution of environmental stewardship in the Morgan’s Grant corridor,” states OSC’s Bob McFetridge.  Since 2016 McFetridge has worked with the City of Ottawa, the Briarbrook and Morgan’s Grant Community Association (BMGCA), and Hydro One to establish a pollinator meadow under the power lines and towers.  He’s also responsible for designing and making the bee hotels installed in the corridor.

The Morgan’s Grant hydro corridor has a place in the network of greenspace – the Woods and Waterway Web – across Kanata North.  It provides both ecosystem and human connectivity through its habitat and pathways that link to other greenspace, like the South March Highlands and Trillium Woods, and to residential communities and the Tech Park.  Because the corridor must remain open for transmission line maintenance and safety reasons, it is ideal landscape for meadows of native grasses and wildflowers.

The Morgan's Grant hydro corridor is part of Kanata North's greenspace network - the Woods and Waterway Web.
The Morgan’s Grant hydro corridor is part of Kanata North’s greenspace network – the Woods and Waterway Web. It connects people to nature, work, and other communities. It’s also part of the biodiversity web of woodlands, wetlands, meadows, and waterways like Trillium Woods, Kizell Wetland, South March Highlands, Shirley’s Brook, and the Carp River.

Early support from Ottawa Councillor Marianne Wilkinson and the BMGCA’s Steve Nichols was critical to the multi-year project. Working with Nichols, OSC has provided guidance for studies by Carleton University students, developed interpretive sign information, built bee hotels and a bat box, and supported summer students from Algonquin College who carried out studies and removed invasive species.  Now this work can continue and expand with KNRegens becoming part of the OSC.

“Joining OSC provides the resources needed to make KNRegens successful,” says Wolf.  She is now working on getting the necessary approval from the City of Ottawa for stewardship activities in the corridor. “Our vision is to create vibrantly thriving native wildflower and meadow habitat to benefit pollinating species, while improving health and quality of life for people.”

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