"Encouraging and enabling responsible land stewardship in and around Ottawa"


Our Council plans its projects through an Annual Work Plan, usually made up during the Fall. The plan is based on our Strategic Plan's Vision, Mission Statement and Goals and is approved at one of our monthly meetings. The following list is the projects we'll be working on in 2012.



2011 Ottawa Chimney Swift

Nesting/Roosting Survey Report

Bn Seedling
Butternut Recovery Program - Ottawa Landowner Representative

Ottawa Eco-Stewardship Fair

Green Acres Cover
Green Acres Program

CRGB Cover
Carp River Green Banks Program

Green Spaces in Urban Places - Urban (Forestry) Natural Areas Stewardship Program Report

A program that evaluates urban natural areas for stewardship projects with the objective of helping to ensure that the limited resources available are directed towards those stewardship projects which provide the best overall return on investment from an economical, social and ecological perspective.

Past Projects

We've been involved in a number of worthwhile and beneficial projects in the past few years. For more information on some of the projects that we've been involved with over the past few years, please refer to our stewardship council annual reports below:

2011 AR Cover EN

2010 Annual Report EN Cover

Ottawa Conservation Fishing Brochure — The OSC's Conservation Fishing Brochure is a handy fishing resource which includes advice, descriptions of Ontario's fish with pictures and a map of fishing access areas in and around Ottawa.


Capital Woodlands - Take a walk and discover the Capital's landscape history -- some well known, others a secret jewel. These urban forests provide us with not only a tranquil retreat but also a wildlife sanctuary for native species.

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Shrubs for Wildlife Cover
Shrubs for Wildlife Brochure

Do you have a land stewardship project you would like to partner with the Council on?

Feel free to provide us with your project ideas.

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