Our most recent projects are described below.  We’ve also included three detailed reports from past projects.

Current Projects

Morgan’s Grant Community Greenspace Restoration Project

This project is a new initiative aimed at building community stewardship to create and care for a naturalized and accessible, multi-use greenspace along the Morgan’s Grant hydro corridor in Kanata.

Initial meetings with City planners and Councilor Marianne Wilkinson have been supportive of the idea. As well, OSC members have begun to discuss their ideas and to seek the engagement of the local community.

The idea is to develop an integrated multi-use greenspace that will provide a healthy and diverse environment for the community. Ecological elements for this plan will include re-wilding of key spots with the creation of a pollinator meadow and the planting of important native species that will encourage its use as a wildlife corridor. These will enrich and provide supportive ecosystem services to community activities such as communal gardens, as well as safe and healthy naturalized park and family recreational areas.

studentsWe will be seeking early advice, support and approval from Hydro authorities in concert with building a group of interested neighbours who will guide and help develop the plan. To assist in building a baseline of ecological information about the corridor, we have formed a partnership with Carleton University’s Institute of Environmental Science. A team of third year students have started a basic environmental assessment as part of their curriculum studies. Their report can be made available to all interested in December.

Our plan is to build a community stewardship approach to cooperative landscape mitigation that could be used as a model within the City of Ottawa to ecologically enhance other municipal and private parcels of land.

Stewardship of Urban Natural Areas

The City of Ottawa has numerous natural areas, parks or “woodlots”, which are under stress (e.g. from the emerald ash borer) and/or neglected.  Each year the OSC, in partnership with the City of Ottawa, picks a City-owned urban or suburban natural area on which to direct stewardship activities.  Some areas may require multi-year commitment depending on the area’s size and the scope of required stewardship.  At the end of the project, responsibility for sustained stewardship activities are taken on by a community group and/or school.

Please read about our Stittsville project in Kemp Woodland, a forest with cedar trees over two hundred years old, where we’re working with Sacred Heart High School.

In 2015 we added a new City-owned woodlot, Chapman Mills West, in Barrhaven.  Our community partner is École secondaire catholique Pierre-Savard.

Butternut Recovery Program

For spring 2017, the RVCA’s Butternut Recovery Program allocated 50 Butternut trees to the OSC to plant in areas where large numbers of dead ash trees have been removed.  Butternut trees are a native Species at Risk (Endangered status) due to a canker fungus that kills the trees.  The Recovery Program collects seed from regional Butternuts that seem resistant to the canker and then offers the resulting seedlings to landowners across Eastern Ontario.  We worked with City of Ottawa foresters to determine suitable planting sites in Stittsville, Barrhaven, and Kanata, and a golf course in Manotick, and local schools and community groups to do the planting.  Read more about our Butternut planting and partners.

Past Projects

Bat Boxes for Golf Courses

MelcalfeGolfClub2The City of Ottawa awarded us a grant for materials to build bat roosting boxes.  Boxes were donated to interested golf courses, who agreed to install them properly on their links and monitor them for habitation.   The boxes attract roosting bats, who eat large numbers of biting insects.  In Ottawa the bats most attracted to roosting boxes are the Little Brown Bat (a Species at Risk) and the Big Brown Bat.  Sixty boxes were built by Sacred Heart High School in Stittsville.  The students received community service volunteer hours for their work.

20150815_10060941 bat boxes were installed on Ottawa golf courses and 16 were installed in the Kizell Wetland area of Kanata North.  The school retained 3 boxes to install beside Kemp Woodland.

The Ottawa Stewardship Council acknowledges the financial support from the City of Ottawa’s Community Environmental Project Grant Program (CEPGP).

The Species at Risk (SAR) Handbook for the City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa has many natural, green spaces both rural and urban/suburban.  These areas support a large variety of plants, insects, and wildlife some of which are considered Species at Risk.  To raise awareness of these species living within the City’s boundaries and to provide a general reference the Ottawa Stewardship Council, in conjunction with key contributors and partners, has created an illustrated Species at Risk Handbook.  The Handbook provides a photo, description, and habitat for all native species currently listed under both the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA) and the Ontario Endangered Species Act (ESA), 2007 living in the City of Ottawa.

Carp River Green Banks Program


The OSC funded the purchase of over 1000 trees and shrubs that were planted in May 2014 by volunteers and MVCA staff along the Carp River and one of its tributaries.  The expected impacts of this project include filtering agricultural runoff from entering the Carp River and stabilizing the banks to prevent further erosion. Both of these issues contribute to the poor water quality. The shrubs/trees planted will also create new habitat for wildlife with food and shelter.

A Few More Past Projects

In 2013 the OSC translated the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resource’s “Preparing for Emerald Ash Borer: A Landowner’s Guide For Managing Ash Forests” into French.

In the spring of 2013 the OSC constructed bird and bat boxes, which we handed out to interested landowners from our booth at the Ottawa Green Living Expo 2013.

CH & SMH BBlitz Report Cover



Carp Hills/South March Highlands Bio-Blitz 2011 (PDF)



Turtle Nesting Survey Pic


Petrie Turtle Nesting Survey Report 2006 (PDF)



Chimney Swift pic
2011 Ottawa Chimney Swift (Chaetura pelagica) Monitoring and Property Owner Outreach Project (PDF)