Get Involved

People Planting 2008

The Ottawa Stewardship Council is run by volunteers who meet monthly to launch new initiatives and discuss ongoing projects.  We have two ways that a volunteer can become involved:

1.  As a council member who leads or supports a project.  This requires a time commitment to attend monthly meetings and perhaps between 5 and 10 hours per month depending on the project.
2.  As a subject matter expert lending help as needed to projects.  We typically need individuals with a life sciences background, particularly those with field experience.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.

We are currently looking for help with three, specific projects.  If you are interested, have the time and the right skills, please contact us.

Environmental Stewardship Projects


Working with the City of Ottawa, we partner with a local community group or high school to enhance City-owned natural areas in urban and suburban settings.

  • Two stewardship projects have recently completed in Stittsville and Barrhaven, and we have one underway in Morgan’s Grant.
  • New projects can be launched across the City depending on the volunteer’s interest and the City’s approval.
  • Activities can include: conducting a bio-inventory, planting tree/shrubs, developing interpretive signs, creating/improving paths, clean-up, etc.
  • Project management: planning and costing the project, finding a community partner, getting grant money, running the project.
  • Projects tend to take 2 to 3 years.
  • Community organization or school takes on long term stewardship of the area.

Skills, Background, or Interest

  • Volunteers with the interest and time to help organize a new stewardship project.
  • Writing a grant application will be required to provide funding.
  • Volunteers can take a lead position or a project deputy position.

Urban Forest Management Plan


The City of Ottawa approved the UFMP in June 2017.

  • We have been a key stakeholder in the development of the UFMP.  Read more here about involvement.
  • Implementation of the UFMP relies on volunteer organizations to run or support community-based activities.

Neighbourhood Stewardship – If your neighbourhood is interested in participating in tree stewardship programs for public and/or private space, we’d like to work with you.

Tree Stewardship Program – We are interested in developing a Tree Stewardship Program that provides training to citizens about trees and caring for them in urban and suburban settings.

Notable Trees Program – We are interested in developing a Notable Trees Program that makes people aware of special trees throughout the City. Could have tourism potential.

Skills, Background, or Interest

  • Highly desireable: Knowledge about trees and/or background as an arborist.
  • Individuals with the skills to develop a new, City-wide project: community liaison, municipal government liaison, leadership, project management, communications.
  • Ability to mobilize and organize.

Carp River Science Project


The Carp River Restoration Project in Kanata runs parallel to Terry Fox Drive.

  • Completes in 2017.
  • Incorporates approximately 6000 metres of stream restoration, habitat improvements and recreational pathways in a large, rapidly urbanizing area
  • Lends itself to providing public education and demonstration of the important functions that wetlands and natural stream corridors provide in maintaining healthy aquatic ecosystems.
  • Also offers opportunities for research and science projects that evaluate the impact and efficacy of the river’s restoration over many years.
  • Project launch – some prep work in fall 2017, main work starting in 2018.
  • See Carleton University Carp River Restoration Study project.

Skills, Background, or Interest

  • Post secondary schools looking for undergraduate and graduate projects in biology, ecology, and life sciences.
  • Individuals with a background in life sciences who are interested in project leadership, community liaison, or offering their expertise.